What People Are Saying

Jean Woodworth
"Personal safety is a top priority at JMG and these 911/GPS devices are made available to the personnel in my portfolio for use when showing apartments and walking the property and vacant units."
Bob Kohlman
"We have been using the Apartment Guardian for a couple of years now and In all reality, you hope that no one ever has to use the device, but we actually had an instance where it was utilized and it worked as designed and local emergency personnel responded."

On-site Testimonials

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"Partnering with Apartment Guardian is a major step towards improving the safety of our onsite staff."
Tresa Simmonds
"Thank you for this service! I think its the best idea for us who work on site!!! "
Rachel D
Property Manager
"Such a great service for all real estate professionals. I wish I could have had one sooner!"
Lee Ann L
Leasing Agent
"We just invested in Apartment Guardian! Excited to start using this device at our properties. I feel better already!"
Shonda R
Leasing Agent
"I feel much better that my teams have Apartment Guardian."
Jean F
"Very excited and comforted to have Apartment Guardian on my side:) Thanks for everything!!"
Channon G
Property Manager
"We are just starting to use Apartment Guardian and I have to say it makes me feel a lot safer when and while assisting with tours. I like know that I can push a button and help is on the way. Two thumbs up for Apartment Guardian."
Penny S
Property Manager
"We just started using Apartment Guardian and we like the comfort knowing that help is just a button away if needed."
Ashli P
Leasing Agent
"Just received my devices for my property today. I'm excited to use these for safety when touring our community."
Carolina T
Leasing Agent
"Great little device to have, you never know when you might just need it. Very easy to use."
Jenn V
Leasing Agent
"Thanks for the extra security feature and the heads up training for all of us. This is very helpful!! Thanks"
Cynthia T
Property Manager
"I am so glad our company has linked arms with you guys. It feels much safer now to show apartments. Thanks"
Sandra W
Property Manager
"Thanks for helping our communities employees with better safety measures."
Randy B
Property Manager
"We all hope nothing happens, but I feel a lot better carrying Panic Tap with me on showings and I know it makes my husband feel better too.  Thank you!"
Mary Lou T.
Property Manager
"Very excited to have started using the Apartment Guardian. Wonderful product."
Christina H
Leasing Consultant
"We at Westdale Creek Apartments are grateful to Westdale Asset Management for providing these Guardian devices. We work for a great company!"
J Fox
Property Manager, Westdale
"Just got ours for Signature Club Apartments. My staff is feeling safer already!"
Russel A
Property Manager
"I am excited about Apartment Guardian this is a device that will be very helpful in the Property Management industry because safety is always first."
Letisha S
Property Manager

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