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  • TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. Apartment Guardian is an additional tool to enhance property operations; it is not a replacement for good judgment and compliance with all policies and procedures. 2. Parties: This lease Agreement ("Agreement") is made by and between Global Position Security, LLC dba Apartment Guardian ("Company") and the above signed ("Customer"). Customer is sometimes referred to as "you" or "your". Company is sometimes referred to as "we", "us" or "our". 3. Effective Date: Agreement is effective as of the date of this Agreement ("Start Date"). 4. Lease of Equipment: Company agrees to furnish to you the above listed Equipment. You agree that the Equipment is Company's personal property under the Uniform Commercial Code. You understand and agree that this is a lease and not a sales Agreement. Company owns the Equipment for all purposes, including any data generated from the Equipment. You shall at all times keep the Equipment free and clear of all liens, claims, levies and legal processes not created by Company, and shall at your expense protect and defend Company against the same. 5. Lease Term: Company agrees to lease you the Equipment for the Lease Term above. After the Lease Term ends, this Agreement shall automatically renew on a month-to- month basis, unless terminated pursuant to this Agreement. If no time period is indicated above, the Lease Term shall be from month-to-month. 6. Training- Online training program is provided free of charge. It is the sole responsibility of the management company/on-site staff to complete training program. Failure to complete training may result in misuse of product. 7. Termination of Agreement: Company may elect to terminate this Agreement at any time. You may terminate this Agreement at any time by providing the Company thirty (30) days' advance notice of your intent to terminate the Agreement. In the event you elect to terminate this Agreement prior to the end of a Lease Term, an early termination fee equaling the lesser of (i) the remaining amount due pursuant to this Agreement; or (ii) $150.00, will apply. In the event this Agreement is terminated, your obligations under this Agreement shall survive, except you shall not have any future obligation to pay the monthly lease fee. In the event this Agreement naturally expires or terminates, you must return all Equipment to Company. Failure to return the Equipment within ten (10) days of the expiration or termination of this Agreement will result in a charge equal to the replacement cost of the Equipment($100 per device). You understand and agree that this Agreement may be terminated by Company in the event you: (i) fail to follow any recommendations Company may make for the repair or replacement of defective Equipment; (ii) misuse or damage the Equipment; (iii) cause an excessive number of false alarms; or (iv) breach this Agreement. 8. Monthly Payments: You agree to pay any Initial Cost and all Monthly Fees as listed above. All payments shall be made in United States Dollars. The first payment to be made pursuant to this Agreement, unless otherwise agreed upon, shall be due as of the Effective Date. Payment is due within 30 days of invoice. If any payment is thirty (30) days late you shall be deemed in default of this Agreement and you will be charged interest on the outstanding balance owed at eighteen percent (18%) per annum (1.5% per month). In the event of default, Company may terminate this Agreement. All payments to Company will be applied towards accrued interest and fees first. You understand and agree that this Agreement is a net lease and the obligation to pay all monthly payments and all other amounts due under this Agreement shall be absolute and unconditional under all circumstances and shall not be subject to any abatement, defense, counterclaim, setoff, recoupment or reduction for any reason whatsoever. 9. Start of Service: Company makes no promise as to when the Equipment will be delivered to Customer. Company assumes no liability for delays in delivery of the Equipment. 10. Release of Liability: You acknowledge and understand that cellular networks, signals and services can fail at any time and therefore you release Company, it's staff, employees, owners, members, managers, attorneys, accountants, contractors, representatives, vendors, assigns, heirs, executors, insurers or employees of any of them (collectively, "Representatives") from any and all liability related to the transmission of emergency signals or communications over cellular networks. 11. Limited Warranty. If the Equipment becomes defective due to a defect in materials, workmanship or design, Company shall replace or repair the Equipment at Company’s election. This warranty is not assignable. At Company’s election, you must deliver the Equipment to Company’s office (at your sole cost). This warranty does not cover damages caused by accident, vandalism, negligence or mistake, flood, water, lightning, fire, intrusion, abuse, misuse, acts of god, casualty (including electricity), attempted unauthorized repair service, modification or improper use, or any other cause (excluding ordinary wear and tear). Company shall not be liable for any general, direct, special, exemplary, punitive, incidental or consequential damages. You acknowledge that, except as expressly set forth in this section: (1) any affirmation of fact or promise made by Company shall not be deemed to create an express warranty; (2) Company does not make any representation or warranty, including any implied warranty or merchantability or fitness, that the Equipment or may not be compromised or circumvented; (3) the Equipment will in all cases be used by you for the signaling and response for which it was intended; (4) there are no express warranties that extend beyond those on the face of the Agreement or herein, and (5) all implied warranties, if any, coincide with the duration of this warranty. 12. Prevention of Harm: You acknowledge and understand that Company cannot guarantee Equipment will keep you safe from assailants, attackers, invaders, etc. You acknowledge and understand the Equipment is designed to provide a means to communicate to Emergency Responders. The Equipment is not designed for, nor should be used for any other purpose. Company makes no guarantees, warranties or assurances that Emergency Responders will be able to provide assistance or protect you from harm. Company makes no guarantees, warranties or assurances that Emergency Responders will be able to reduce or prevent death, or bodily injury or harm. 13. Indemnification: If anyone other than you, including your insurance Company, asks Company or Representatives to pay for any loss, damage, costs or expense (including economic losses, property damage, personal injury, or death) arising out of or from, in connection with, related to, as a consequence of, or resulting from any reason, including (1) active or passive, sole, joint or several negligence of any kind or degree of Company or any of the Representatives, whether before or after the subscriber's acceptance of this Agreement, (2) improper operation of Equipment or the failure of the Equipment to operate, (3) Breach of contract, or (4) any claims for subrogation, contribution or indemnification, you agree to pay (without any condition that Company or Representatives first pay) for all such loss, damage, cost and expense, including attorneys' fees, which may be asserted against or incurred by Company or any of the Representatives in connection with any and all such claims. 14. Binding Agreement: This Agreement is binding on Customer, Customer's heirs, executors and administrators. 15. Right to Subcontract: Company may, in its sole and absolute discretion, subcontract services under this Agreement. You acknowledge and agree that the provisions of this Agreement inure to the benefit of and are applicable to any subcontractors engaged by Company to provide any service set forth herein to you, and bind you to such subcontractor(s) with the same force and effect as they bind you to Company. 16. Applicable Law. The laws of the State of Arizona govern the interpretation of this Agreement, without reference to choice of law principles. Any litigation arising out of the terms of this Agreement shall be filed in the Maricopa County Superior Court. All parties irrevocably consent to the sole and exclusive jurisdiction and venue in such court for such purposes. 17. Assignment. This Agreement is not assignable by the Customer except upon written consent of Company first being obtained. Company shall have the right to assign this Agreement or to subcontract any of its obligations under this Agreement without notice to Customer. 18. No Waiver of Breach. If you or Company shall waive any breach of this Agreement it shall not be construed as a waiver of any subsequent breach. Your right and Company’s rights hereunder shall be cumulative, and any rights hereunder may be exercised concurrently or consecutively and shall include all remedies available even though not expressly referred to herein. 19. Integrated Agreement; Modifications. This Agreement contains the entire Agreement between you and Company concerning the transactions described in this Agreement and supersedes all prior or current negotiations, commitments, contracts, express or implied, warranties, express or implied, statements and representation, written or oral, pertaining to such matters, all of which are merged into this Agreement. In executing this Agreement, Customer is not relying on any advice or advertisement of Company. NO PERSON ACTING ON THE COMPANY’S BEHALF HAS ANY AUTHORITY TO MAKE OR CLAIM ANY REPRESENTATION, TERM, PROMISE, CONDITION, STATEMENT, WARRANTY, OR INDUCEMENT (COLLECTIVELY “INDUCEMENT”) NOT EXPRESSED HEREIN. BY ACCEPTING THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, YOU REPRESENT THAT YOU ARE NOT RELYING ON ANY INDUCEMENT THAT IS NOT EXPRESSED IN THIS AGREEMENT. 20. Valid Agreement. Should any provision hereof (or portion thereof), or its application to any circumstances, be held illegal, invalid or unenforceable to any extent, the validity and enforceability of the remainder of the provision and this Agreement, or of such provisions as applied to any other circumstances, shall not be affected thereby, and shall remain in full force and effect as valid, binding and continuing. 21. Right of Cancellation: YOU MAY CANCEL THIS TRANSACTIONAT ANY TIME PRIOR TO MIDNIGHT OF THE THIRD BUSINESS DAY AFTER THE DATE YOU SIGN THIS LEASE.

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